This is the gospel to you, that you may find freedom from all worries, to let go and let god take care of you. To abide in him that you may live in comfort, that you have the freedom and free time to comfort others like it says in 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 KJV. We had this gifts since at birth over decades we seem to take it for granted, blinded with rumors of war and turmoil. The More we realize how much we need Christ “Yeshua” Jesus the Prince Chief of heaven that came down himself to deliver the ultimate message to past this test of life to become like him content and humble gods. Enduring what ever life throw at us all the way through death, in all goodness in his name we will see the kingdom of heaven the true next level of our evolution. That ambition lays between believing and faith, In the ultimate commandment, love the Lord with all your heart and treat each other as how we treat ourselves or how we would like to be treated is easily forgotten by worries of the world and everyday distractions.




In a world of uncertainty, more each day we realize how much we rely on and need the Lord in our lives. Due to time over the years, our Lord was called by many names, which each name has a deep meaning, including Immanuel which means God With Us. As he breathes life into Adam he set a part of himself inside all of us. The fact remains he was the first creation from Yahweh, Our core origin of life and through Jesus created all things. For our heavenly Father Yahweh is in all things, and all things are in him. The food we eat, in the water we drink, the air we breathe, everything in the universe we interact with, All is infused with his living energy that replenishes our souls. To recover from spiritual blindness is the key, to realize God the father has been doing this through our entire lives. How sweet to trust him more and more, that he knows all and is the author of our lives if we obedient to his will.

Finding the calm in the storm

That’s why it is important each day to find our quiet place to talk to God. Same way we reason with ourselves in our minds. Although no sounds projecting out your mouth, yet you hear your thoughts, this is what I call the fifth dimension. Which is also connected to the God Network, where we can call someone spiritually, find brilliant Ideas, gain wisdom and more. With gratefulness we thank the lord for blessing us with this supernatural capabilities. Its very easy to do first thing you do is quiet all selfishness thoughts, and deny temporary self pleasures to find the simple things in life that can lean you to true joy and happiness. To know your existence serve a major purpose in life.



Immanuel (Yeshua) Jesus wishes no one to perish, that’s how deep his love for all his creations is. But we constantly force his hands to Judge us all like Mathew 21:33, due to the depth of our sins and waywardness. Which he is the only true Potter, Author and Judge for all his creations through the cosmos. Their are some people with overwhelming guilt that will find it unfair and choose to live a life in sin and shame that wont make it to the first and second resurrection,  Surely we all don’t want to be in that number, where is nothing fair. Lucky for us he will send a lot of warnings through plagues and famine, and the moon hitting the sun like a clock striking twelve burning up 1/3 of the planet and if that don’t make us come to our senses, nothing will. So we see the importance to make it in that number, to be the victors of this life true test for we are humble gods in training John 10:34.


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